Music Production

The Album

The album is diverse compilation of sounds and songs from Ghana, selected from a wide range of musical styles and genres. 

The album portrays a broad picture of the Ghanaian musical culture, from the Ewe, Ashanti, and Ga traditional repertoire and features voice and percussion groups, choirs,instrumental ensembles and solo performers.

All songs are live performances, recorded in a field setting in various Ghana villages and cities. The album was mixed and mastered in Boston, MA.

MusicXChange Album


1) Amamreso Agofomma – Nnwonkro
2) Dagbe Cultural Troupe – Adzogbo
3) Meriga Trio - Dankainda
4) Saakumu Dance Troupe - Bewaa
5) Hewale Sounds – Ajuna Woi
6) Dagbe Cultural Troupe - Gahu
7) Nkaboum Cultural Group – Matu
8) Amamreso Agofomma – Adowa
9) Hewale Sounds – Palwine
10) Meriga – Karu Damasa
11) Joseph “Doe” Mensah – Kpanlogo Drum Solo
12) The Youth Jubilee Choir – Joy Like A River


Produced by Joe Galeota and Federico Masetti
Recording, Mixing Engineer: Federico Masetti
Mastering Engineer: Jonathan Wyner
Art Direction: Tommaso Dal Poz

MusicXChange album will be available for sale on iTunes and selected stores in 2017. Stay tuned for the official release date!